NMR spectroscopy for Structural Biology

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Week 1:Basics Principles of NMR; Nuclear Spin in static magnetic field Week 2:Basics Principles continued; Chemical Shift; Factors Influencing Isotropic Chemical shifts Week 3:NMR instrumentation and Peptide sample preparation; Overview of NMR instrument Magnet, transmitters etc Week 4:Two-dimensional NMR And Practical Aspects for experiment; Two- dimensional correlation experiments COSY Week 5:Peptide and Protein structure Structural features and parameters; Structural features and parameters Week 6:Sample preparation for Protein NMR; Expression systems, Optimization of protein expression Week 7:Multi-dimensional Heteronuclear NMR experiments; 2D Heteronuclea r NMR experiments Week 8:Multi-dimensional Heteronuclear NMR experiments; Experiments for Backbone assignment
Week 9:Protein Structure determination from NMR data; Structure calculation methods and NMR parameters
Week 10:Protein dynamics from NMR data; Theory of spin relaxation in proteins Week 11:Nucleic acids NMR experiments; Structural features and parameters for Nuclei acids Week 12:DNA and structure determination from NMR data