New Technologies for Business Leaders

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    • This module will introduce business professionals to the concept and underlying trends of Digital Transformation as they relate to business strategy and especially to customer engagement. Compared to the earlier industrial revolutions, the so called fourth revolution, Digital Transformation, opens opportunities, creates challenges and requires new and creative cross functional collaboration at a much accelerated trajectory. Business leaders need to have an understanding of Digital Transformation and assess the current state of their companies regarding the use, misuse, or lack of the new technologies. The module provides the comprehensive understanding of the technology driven revolution and frameworks to discuss and implement digital transformation projects that can include VR/AR, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Blockchain technologies.
    • This module discusses Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and everything in-between. We will start by identifying changes in the media market and the impact they had on consumers based on the interaction provided. We then will explore technologies and buzzwords, and finally, we will look at examples of how these technologies are used in the real world today and discover clues for leveraging them in our own environments.
    • This module introduces fundamental concepts, terms and technologies behind Internet of Things and how they are being used to improve business processes and specifically marketing and customer retention. We will demonstrate different applications and products that are leading the market and how marketers can think about this technology as an opportunity to attract and retain customers. The customer journey model will be introduced and used for the IoT scenario as a general tool for leading a digital transformation.
    • This module provides an overview of the key terms and technologies about “Big Data” and “Artificial Intelligence (AI)” and how these technologies allow new ways of customer engagement and management. ​It promotes a discussion about ethical and moral implications around Artificial Intelligence. Examples from different industries about the use of big data and AI are provided.
  • Blockchain technology applications and crypto currencies
    • This module introduces the fundamentals of Blockchain technology, as a key accelerator of the evolving customer engagement including and far beyond the crypto currencies. The module presents practical scenarios by industry and how Blockchain can change current business models to benefit the customer and client relationship and also discuss how Blockchain technology combined with IoT and AI creates synergies for organizations. Finally, we will provide a list of communities created around Blockchain. ​