New Labour Codes of India

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Week 1: Introduction, Government Policies, History of labour laws in the country, National Labour Commission Reports. Week 2:Evolution of Trade Unions in India, Constitutional Freedom to Form Associations and Unions, International Labour Organization on Trade Unions. Trade Union – Definitions, Registration, Cancellation, Management of Funds, Recognition, Immunities. Week 3:Industrial Disputes – Introduction, Definitions, Resolution of Industrial Disputes, Concept of workmen, Contract of service, Contract for service, Strike, Lock-out. Week 4:Lay-off, Retrenchment, Closure of Undertakings, Industrial Employment (Standing Orders), Desciplinary Action and Procedures. Week 5:The Code on Wages 2019 – An Introduction, Minimum Wages, Floor Wages, Central and State Advisory Board, Payment of wages, Deductions & Recovery, Fines, Equal Remuneration, Bonus. Week 6:C-131:Minimum Wage Fixing Convention, 1970, C-26:Minimum Wage-Fixing Machinery Convention, 1928(No. 26), C-99:Minimum Wage Fixing Machinery (Agriculture) Convention, 1951..... Week 7:Code on Social Security 2020 - Introduction, Definitions, Social Security Organizations, Employees compensation and benefits, The concept of arising out of and in the course of employment. Week 8:Employees State Insurance, Different benefits under the ESI scheme, Employees Provident Fund, Gratuity, Maternity benefit Week 9:Social security in case of Building and other Construction workers, Social security for unorganized sectors and platform workers, Bonded labour system abolition and regulation, Child labour prohibition, Plantation labour law. Week 10:Occupational Safety Health and Working Conditions Code 2020, Important definitions, Approval and licensing of factories, The meaning of factory, Manufacturing process. Week 11:Occupational safety and health, Health safety and working conditions, Welfare provisions, Role of Inspector – cum- facilitator, Offences and penalties Week 12:Contract labour, Migrant workers, Mines workers, Beedi and cigar workers, ILO and Labour standards