New Approaches to Countering Terror: Countering Violent Extremism

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  • Introduction
    • Upon completion of this module, students will be able to describe the purpose of the course and the course structure.
  • MODULE 1
    • Module One will introduce you to the field of CVE. This module will provide you with the basic terminology, foundational academic research, and policy initiatives on CVE. Then, you will hear about academic theories and models addressing why and how individuals radicalize to violence, and researchers will present data examining profiles of individuals who have radicalized to violence, as well as a promising study on how individuals may disengage or deradicalize from violence.
  • MODULE 2
    • Module Two describes the spectrum of CVE activities which include engagement, prevention, intervention, rehabilitation/reintegration and counter-messaging efforts. This module covers some of the controversies surrounding CVE programs, specifically allegations that CVE may stigmatize or marginalize Muslim communities. Module Two also introduces some of the ways that community members and non-law enforcement professionals such as mental health practitioners can engage on CVE.
  • MODULE 3
    • Finally, Module Three is made up of nine teaching cases exploring how different CVE programs are implemented in the United States, in countries around the world, and online. Each case is introduced by a researcher or practitioner, who will highlight the opportunities and challenges of “doing CVE” in the field. Some of these cases address early prevention activities while other cases examine how deradicalization and rehabilitation programs may be implemented after a crime has occurred.