Neuroleadership and Conceptual Approaches in Educational Neuroscience

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With thousands of new research papers coming out each month on the brain, and a growing collaboration between neuroscientists, educators and psychologists, it is an optimal time to be informed on the most up to date neurological approaches in educational theory and practice.

This course explores the practical application of neuroscience research (the study of the nervous system and brain) in education and leadership to create optimal learning environments, trusting team environments and a culture of feedback.

Neuroscience research related to leadership and education has exploded in the last fifteen years. Findings from contemporary research are examined in an easy to understand and meaningful way in this online short course to provide practical strategies for leaders and educators that can be used immediately.

Whether you are a leader in your in your organisation or you simply want to learn how to better lead your students to achieve their learning goals, studying Neuroleadership and Conceptual Approaches in Educational Neuroscience with CQUniversity will help you unlock your potential as a leader.