The course is designed for students who have finished their Senior Secondary classes and doing their bachelor degrees of any discipline (B.Ed,. B.A., B.Sc., B.Com., B.Tech., B.Sc.Bio.Tech., B.Pharm, etc and even Post graduates of any discipline who want to improve their communication skill in English and also professionals who are keen in improving their communication skill in oral and written English.
The Modules deal with varieties of Communication as the art of transferring information from one to another: Verbal, Non Verbal, Human and non human etc. It gives clear picture of the language as rule governed behavior. The learner will be highly benefitted by this course as it deals with Chomsky’s theory of universal grammar and the various concepts and ideas he introduced in this theory. The students will be able to have the knowledge of Morphology as it is the study of the internal structure of words and the regularities by which new words are formed. Sentences have to follow certain structural rules in order to make sense. Syntax and semantics go together hand in hand to form the central component of the human language.
Nature of classroom discourse and the structure of text discourse are explained clearly. Along with it, the structure of story; the structure of poem and the structure of essay are dealt with in such a manner that the learners can get clear ideas of written communication as well. Multilingualism and its use as resource of a classroom give a clear idea of acquisition of linguistic abilities in many languages which improve the mind power. In a nut shell we can describe the whole ‘Nature of Language’ course as a boon to the lovers of learning Language techniques for easy and interesting communication. The visual effect given in the videos in five modules as 19 Lessons make the learners understand the context picturesquely for happy learning.



Nature of language
Week - I
1. Verbal and Non Verbal Communication2. Human and Non- Human Communication3. Human System Of Communication
Week - II 4. Lanaugage and Mind5. Language and society6. Language - A Rule Governed Behaviour
Week - III
7. Speech and writing8. The Organization of Sounds9. The Concept of Universal Grammar Week - IV
10. Morphology and Its Concepts11. Syntax, Meanings and Semantics12. The Structure of Sentences
Week - V
13. Nature of Classroom Discourse14. Structure of Text Discourse15. Structure of Story Week - VI
16. Structure of Poetry17. Structure of an Essay18. Multilingualism in India19. Using the Multilingual Resources of a Classroom