Natural Language Processing on Google Cloud

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  • Course introduction
    • This module addresses the reasons to learn NLP from Google and provides an overview of the course structure and goals.
  • NLP on Google Cloud
    • This module introduces the NLP architecture on Google Cloud. It explores the NLP history, the NLP APIs such as the Dialogflow API, and the NLP solutions such as Contact Center AI and Document AI.
  • NLP with Vertex AI
    • This module explores AutoML and custom training, which are the two options to develop an NLP project with Vertex AI. Additionally, the module introduces an end-to-end NLP workflow and provides a hands-on lab to apply the workflow to solve a task of text classification with AutoML.
  • Text representatation
    • This module describes the process to prepare text data in NLP and introduces the major categories of text representation techniques.
  • NLP models
    • This module describes different NLP models including ANN, DNN, RNN, LSTM, and GRU. It also introduces the benefits and disadvantages of each model.
  • Advanced NLP models
    • This module introduces the state-of-the-art technologies and models in NLP: encoder-decoder, attention mechanism, transformers, BERT, and large language models.
  • Course summary
    • This module reviews the topics covered in the course and provides additional resources for further learning.