Natural Hazards

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The course introduces students to natural disasters and their phenomenon, ground deformations, land-level changes, event recurrence intervals, associated environmental and depositional changes, sedimentation patterns, and all the related hazards. Some of the well-known natural disasters are earthquakes, landslides, floods, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, storms, and cyclones etc. which cause different types of natural hazards in the associated environment and landscape. This course will emphasize their mechanism, origin, and impacts in the associated regions such as mainland, hilly terrain, floodplain/alluvial plain, and coastal regions etc., and also focus on the approaches for mitigating and minimizing hazards along with related hazard assessment.

INTENDED AUDIENCE :PG students of Science and Engineering, Advance UG students too can take this course.PREREQUISITES :Basic knowledge of Earth Science or Natural Disasters is recommended.INDUSTRY SUPPORT :NIL