Natural Gas Engineering

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Week 1: Introduction, Gas Production: Upstream, Reservoir- Well Completion
Week 2: Properties of Natural Gas: Phase Behavior
Week 3: Well inflow performance relationship (IPR), Skin factor, Productivity Index, Gas well testing
Week 4: Wellbore Performance: TPR Curve, Single Phase & Multi Phase flow, Choke Performance: CPR Curve,Sonic and Subsonic Flow, Well Deliverability: Nodal Analysis
Week 5: Natural Gas Production: Downstream, Surface Facilities, Principle of Separator, Design of Separator: Vertical,Horizontal; Two Phase Separation, Three Phase Separation
Week 6:Natural Gas Processing: Dehydration of Natural Gas, Design of Dehydration, Sweeting Processes,Compressor design and energy calculation
Week 7: Transportation and Measurement, Pipeline Design
Week 8: Flow through pipeline, issues and solutions, Unconventional Production of Natural Gas: Shale Gas, Gas Hydrates,Coal bed Methane, Oil Shale, Pyrolysis of Carbonaceous Materials etc..