Natural Gas Engineering

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The field of natural gas engineering is very much important for petroleum engineers specializing in gas processing technology. The course outlines an optimal balance between natural gas production, natural gas processing and gas transportation. An extensive treatise on natural gas engineering, both upstream and gas refining processes with key equipment and facility design will be covered. This course will also highlight the current status of production of natural gas through unconventional sources/technics and the applications of natural gas.

INTENDED AUDIENCE :Under graduate and post graduate students professional practitioner in the discipline of Chemical Engineering. Petroleum Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Energy
PREREQUISITES :Bachelor Degree in any Engineering discipline
INDUSTRY SUPPORT :Petroleum Industries/companies: ONGC, OIL, GAIL, IOCL, etc.



Week 1: Introduction, Gas Production: Upstream, Reservoir- Well Completion
Week 2: Properties of Natural Gas: Phase Behavior
Week 3: Well inflow performance relationship (IPR), Skin factor, Productivity Index, Gas well testing
Week 4: Wellbore Performance: TPR Curve, Single Phase & Multi Phase flow, Choke Performance: CPR Curve,
Sonic and Subsonic Flow, Well Deliverability: Nodal Analysis
Week 5: Natural Gas Production: Downstream, Surface Facilities, Principle of Separator, Design of Separator: Vertical,
Horizontal; Two Phase Separation, Three Phase Separation
Week 6:Natural Gas Processing: Dehydration of Natural Gas, Design of Dehydration, Sweeting Processes,
Compressor design and energy calculation
Week 7: Transportation and Measurement, Pipeline Design
Week 8: Flow through pipeline, issues and solutions, Unconventional Production of Natural Gas: Shale Gas, Gas Hydrates,
Coal bed Methane, Oil Shale, Pyrolysis of Carbonaceous Materials etc..