Nanotechnology in Agriculture

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Modern agriculture is a chemical intensive process starting from fertilizer, pesticide to food preservation. Modern nanotechnology tools if used judiciously in future, have the ability to offer sustainable development along with the optimal, precision and more effective use of chemicals. In this course, I will be sharing my journey from basic agriculture to modern day nano particle based agriculture practices.

INTENDED AUDIENCE :Students of Agriculture Engineering, Biotechnology, Botany, Biochemistry and DesignPREREQUISITES :10+2 in science
INDUSTRY SUPPORT :Agriculture industry,Seed industry, Fertilizer industry,Food technology industry



Week 1:History of agriculture and the role of chemicals in modern agricultureWeek 2:Overview of nanotechnologyWeek 3:Application of nanotechnology in modern day agriculture practices IWeek 4:Application of nanotechnology in modern day agriculture practices IIWeek 5:Application of nanotechnologies in animal productionWeek 6:Nanotechnology and shelf life of agricultural and food productsWeek 7:Nanotechnologies for water quality and availabilityWeek 8:Green nanotechnology and the role of good governance and policies for effective nanotechnology development