Multirate DSP

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The key features of this course includes the following topics• An in-depth understanding of sampling, reconstruction, sampling rate conversion using multirate building blocks • Applications of multirate DSP – Filter design, Filterbanks, Transmultiplexer, Delta-Sigma A/D • Mathematical framework for Perfect Reconstruction Filter banks• Achieving capacity in wireless channels, motivation for Multicarrier modulation, Redundancy via zero padding and cyclic prefix • Mathematical framework for OFDM and its extensions • Introduction to Wavelets and Multichannel filter banks• Matlab-based computer exercises to gain understanding of multirate DSP concepts and applications.
INTENDED AUDIENCE : • B.E. / B.Tech/ M.E./ M.Tech/ Ph.D. students who have completed basic course in Digital Signal Processing • Students planning to do projects / research in DSP • Industry practitioners working with DSP, audio and video productsPRE-REQUISITES : Basic course in Digital Signal ProcessinglINDUSTRY SUPPORT : Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, Broadcomm, Jasmine Infotech, Samsung, Sasken, Intel, Motorola, Ittiam,
Redpine… Companies developing products based on DSP (audio, speech processing, image processing,
biomedical and other areas)