Multimodal Transport: Sourcing and Procurement in Logistics

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Define multimodal transport and procurement for logistics business solutions

This two-week course will discuss various transportation modes and their characteristics to develop your understanding of multimodal transport.

You’ll learn the different mode selection criteria, as well as how to identify key multimodal transportation to help you build an understanding of the choices you have within your logistics business.

You’ll also discover the process behind procurement logistics and practical approaches to sourcing and handling material effectively using the Kraljic matrix.

Understand the elements of container shipping

You’ll start by exploring container shipping and its elements so that you can learn how to use them effectively in international logistics.

You’ll look at sourcing and procurement with this standardised form of shipping, also known as ISO containers, focusing on procurement logistics.

Learn the benefits and drawbacks of IT applications in procurement and order management

Alongside experts at Coventry, you’ll identify the stages of the order cycle and learn how effective tools can help you manage orders.

You’ll also discuss the advantages of ICT applications in procurement and order management and analyse the disadvantages to determine whether these tools will help you.

By the end of this course, you’ll understand intermodal operations and its characteristics, as well as important legal information such as Bill of lading and incoterms.

This course is designed for practitioners looking to develop their understanding of international logistics and its concepts.

This course from Coventry University is part of the International Logistics ExpertTrack, exploring the importance of international logistics from a strategic perspective.