Mughal India (1550-1605)

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COURSE LAYOUT Week 1: Historiography and Sources-1
Historiography and Sources-2 Historiography and Sources-3   Week 2: Historiography and Sources-4,
India on the eve of Babur’s invasion and military technology
Humayun's struggle for empire   Week 3: Sher Shah – The Afghan Sultan
Mansabdari System-1
Mansabdari System-2

Week 4: Jagirdari System-1
Jagirdari System-2
Akbar’s religious ideas   Week 5: Mughal Administration and Social Systems
Rajput Polity-1
Rajput Polity-2   Week 6: Rajput Polity-3,
Regional Polities-Maharashtra-1
Regional Polities-Maharashtra-2   Week 7: Regional Polities-Maharashtra-3
North-West frontier
Gujarat & the Deccan Conquest of Bengal   Week 8: Zamindari System-1
Zamindari System-2
Forest and Agricultural Zone in Mughal India   Week 9: Agricultural production-1
Agricultural production-2
Agrarian Structure-1   Week 10: Agrarian Structure-2
Markets and Internal trade
Foreign Trade-1   Week 11: Foreign Trade-2
Mughal Monetary System
Sufism During the Mughal Period   Week 12: Bhakti Movement and Sanyasi Cult
Shikhism During the Mughal Period
Kabirpanthis and Dadupanthis