MSO 003: Sociology of Development

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This course introduces the students to the dynamics of development. Besides making the student acquainted with the broad processes of historical evolution and development of human societies, it also engages the students with the new momentum of development those were set in motion through scientific and industrial revolution, modernization and westernization, decolonization and democratization. The growth of capitalist, socialist and the mixed models of developments are also discussed in this course. It has discussed in length the limitations of the growth model of development and the alternatives to it in the form of human, social and sustainable development. Verities of new strategies of development like those of the micro, ethno, people centric and the civil society and state engagement with development have been part of this course. The developmental imbalances, those are encountered by the society in its transitions from agricultural to industrial, industrial to knowledge society and their social ramifications are elaborated in this course.. The course content is founded on a comparative perspective.

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