MSD-017: Challenges to Sustainable Development

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The Course “Challenges to Sustainable Development” provides an overview of the challenges faced by the world in achieving sustainable development. It stresses the importance of balancing the social, environmental and economic cost of development not only for the present but also for the future generations. We have witnessed the socio-cultural and ecological impacts of conventional model of development which makes it essential to seek alternative means.

The course intends to provide a forum for examining the developmental models of the world. The upcoming challenges of climate change, environmental pollution, biological threats and importance of good health and sanitation have been elaborately discussed. The course will be useful for the learners who are interested in the knowing more about the challenges posed by massive economic growth, reckless development, unplanned strategies and over utilization of natural resources. The objective of the course is to facilitate the students to critically examine the leading discussions and practices of development so as to enable them to participate effectively in decision making at various levels.

Course Credit: 4