MSD-016: Strategies and Models for Sustainability

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Block 1 Strategies for Sustainable Development

Week 1: Infrastructure Development

Week 2: Health and Sanitation

Week 3: Value Addition, Recycling, Reuse and Recovery

Block 2 Knowledge System and Technology for Sustainable Rural Development

Week 4: Remote Sensing and Environmental Information Systems

Week 5: Action Plan for NRM (Micro level planning)

Week 6: Village Knowledge and Resource Centres, Biovillages Toolkit

Block 3 Evergreen Revolution

Week 7: Green to Evergreen Revolution, Pathways to EGR (cultivation)

Week 8: Sustainable on-farm and non-farm livelihoods (consumption), Equity and Market linkages (commerce)

Block 4 Models for Sustainability

Week 9: Models and Sustainable Development

Week 10: Sustainable Development in Himalaya

Week 11: Sustainable Integrated Farming System

Week 12: Cultural landscape based sustainable development model