MSD-012: Ecosystem and Natural Resources

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Block 1: Ecosystem and Biodiversity

WEEK-1: Concepts of Ecosystem

WEEK-2: Biodiversity: Levels, Distribution and Uses

WEEK-3: Loss of Biodiversity

WEEK-4: Biodiversity Conservation

Block 2: Land and water Resources

WEEK-5: Land and Soil

WEEK-6: Water: Status, distribution and quality, Water : Competitive Uses

Block 3: Energy & Mineral Resources

WEEK-7: Renewable and Non-renewable resources

WEEK-8: Alternative Energy Resources

WEEK-9: Mineral Resources, Usage Pattern and Issues

Block 4: Agrobiodiversity: Status and issues

WEEK-10: Agrobiodiversity : Introduction and Importance

WEEK-11: Loss of agrobiodiversity

WEEK-12: Sustainable use of agrobiodiversity, Agrobiodiversity: Challenges and Opportunities