Modern Leadership Styles: What Makes a Good Leader in Healthcare Management

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Learn to to manage the challenges facing leaders and managers in healthcare

What are the priorities facing managers and leaders in contemporary healthcare, and how can you effectively navigate them?

This self-paced healthcare management course will contextualise the global challenges faced by health service leaders and managers in the 21st century.

You’ll discover how appraising relevant theories, devising arguments to defend your strategies, and displaying certain characteristics can help you be a more effective and successful leader on a global stage.

How to succeed in global healthcare management

What does the future look like for healthcare leaders – and how can you prepare?

On this course, you’ll learn how good leaders and managers operate in a global context.

You’ll have the opportunity to examine the role of leadership framed through healthcare in the 21st century, exploring the fundamental challenges that leaders face internationally.

Learn from critical management strategies and leadership theories

Critical analysis is key to becoming a better leader. This course will show you how to analyse different management theories and effective leadership styles in healthcare.

You’ll also get to grips with the qualities of the contemporary healthcare leader, and ask: what are the characteristics of a leader, and how can I take these on in my own career?

Begin your own leadership journey

Leadership careers are made over years of learning, skill building, and experience. Once you have reviewed the theory, you will have the chance to consider your own personal leadership journey.

You’ll look at the future for healthcare leaders, and reflect on how your own career fits into that vision.

This ExpertTrack is designed for students or healthcare professionals, administrators wishing to progress into middle or senior management roles, as well as policy makers, executives, consultants, and service providers in the health sector.