Modern Botanical Folk Art: Draw and Paint Whimsical Flowers and Leaves Using Gouache and Watercolor

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Folk art has us swooning every time we see it. Be it Scandinavian, Mexican, Indian, Egyptian, etc. Nordic folk art has really pushed its way into regions all over the world and we're pretty stoked about it. This class will explore folk art through experimentation with flowers and leaves.

We'll cover lots of topics related to creating folk art, which include

  • Finding inspiration
  • Creating shapes, lines, and marks 
  • Drawing flowers and leaves
  • Building color themes
  • Artwork composition
  • Developing an effective process

This class is great for anyone who is a beginner at drawing/beginner to expert at painting/you name it and wants to expand their painting or illustration portfolio, or has also been inspired by folk art. Nobody creates folk art the same way so let this class guide you through your own exciting and enchanting journey.