Models & Frameworks to Support Sales Planning

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  • Module 1 - Sales Management
    • Sales Management module: The discussions of this module are about an overview of the sales functions from a processes management standpoint. Therefore, the module is about discussing sales management functions, which includes the operational variables that apply to support sales management; the accounts management; the role of the leadership; training processes; resources allocation; performance management; and post-sales processes. These processes are discussed to assess the sales management functions with an integrative view. Then, the discussions provide a conceptual basis for the next module, which is dedicated to the models and frameworks that contribute to the sales planning and management processes. Primary learning outcome of this module focus on the assimilation of the knowledge regarding the sales functions, the processes involved, and how to analyze them to support the next step, which is to use structured methods to develop the sales plan.
  • Module 2 - Selling Models and Frameworks
    • Welcome to module 2 – Selling Models and Frameworks. This module is about how to implement the sales plan, through the application of models and frameworks that enable the analyses and processes that contribute to the planning and management functions of sales. As the nature of sales functions, considering them as a non-exact science, sales planning can be developed by many different approaches. Some of the methods follow structured recommendations and prescriptions, and these methods are referred in this module as models or frameworks. We discuss them in this module, and the primary learning outcome is to know how to apply each of them, by remembering and understanding their structure, the prescriptions, and the recommendations.
  • module 3 - Soft Skills
    • Soft Skills module: In this module, the focus is on providing a different set of methods that complement the methods presented so far in the current Course 3. As discussed in the first two modules, most of the concepts are related to prescriptions and recommendations that may be considered as hard skills, as they present a structured approach to conduct the development of the sales planning and management processes.In this module, we provide recommendations of soft skills, which are crucial in the negotiation process and also in the communication with potential customers. The primary learning outcome of this module, therefore, is to improve the potential of sales by adding the soft skills side of expertise.
  • Module 4 - Strategic Sales Management In Action – the journey goes on
    • Welcome to Strategic Sales Management In Action – Module 4. This module serves as a guideline to develop the final assignment of Course 3: Models & Frameworks to Support Sales Planning. In this assignment, the challenge is to analyze a business context and use it as a reference to develop the assignment by the application of the concepts discussed in Course 3. You’ll follow the assignment guidelines, develop the analyses and provide your insights from the outcomes of your analysis. You’ll have two opportunities to test your learning process, the first one is by developing your assignment, and the second one is by reviewing a peer’s assignment.