Modelling and Analytics for Supply Chain Management

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This course focuses on the application of analytical techniques for determining effective solutions to problems associated with supply networks considering the constraints of demand and supply. The objectives of the course are to understand the nature of supply networks, goal of supply networks and explain the impact of analytics based supply chain decisions on the success of a firm. The coverage includes key metrics that track the performance of the supply network in terms of each driver, identification of the key factors to be considered when designing a distribution network and use of analytical techniques for developing a framework for network design. Emphasis is laid on the use of optimization techniques for facility location, capacity allocation and evaluation of supply chain design decisions under uncertainty. Along with these objectives, this course is also aimed at understanding the concepts of multi-criterion decision making in supplier selection and rating, inventory management techniques under uncertain demand and supply environment, mathematical models for design of transportation networks, and the role of soft computing techniques for matching supply with demand.

INTENDED AUDIENCE : Management, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and related disciplines.PREREQUISITES : NilINDUSTRY SUPPORT : Tata Group of Industries, Multinationals, L&T, and similar such manufacturing and service organizations including IT companies