Modeling and Design for Mechanical Engineers with Autodesk Fusion 360

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  • The Basics of Modeling
    • In Week 1, we’ll cover the control and creation of sketches, construction geometry, and conversion into solid bodies. Understanding how to define and reuse sketch elements is a critical step in defining geometry that can be easily updated later to accommodate design changes.
  • The Basics of Assemblies
    • In Week 2, we’ll talk about the creation, organization, and management of assemblies of components in Fusion 360. Replicating contacts and motion through the application of joints, motion links and contacts, and understanding how best to begin a design for reuse while exploring the integration of off the shelf components and assembly management.
  • Exploring Design Tools for Production
    • In Week 3, we’ll focus on the tools used to produce production-ready molded parts. With features like adding draft, creating ribs, or detailing threads, rest assured that design requirements will be meet for production.
  • Creating complex designs with form tools
    • In Week 4, we’ll cover form tools as an option when creating complex designs. Form tools allow for a different design approach than the traditional sketch and feature creation by allowing you to explore shapes while pushing and pulling vertices, faces, and edges. We will explore the basics of form creation and manipulation as well as advanced control and creation of designs with forms.