Mind of the Universe: Science in Progress

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  • What's on your mind?
    • We will discuss how your imagination can help you in becoming a successful scientist and how you turn your wonder into a well-considered research question.
  • Open up your mind
    • Now you know what's on your mind and created a research question, it is important to keep your mind open while working on possible explanations and contrasts. As you are about to learn in this week, it’s important to remain vigilant by continuing to use your imagination tirelessly.
  • Connect your mind
    • You now know what’s on your mind and how to keep your mind open. But how to continue? To keep alternative scenarios in mind, you will connect your mind to the minds of your peers. This will get you inspired by each other’s questions.
  • Make up your mind
    • You're almost there, but not quite yet. You've put your wonder into a research question with the help of your interdisciplinary team. It is now time to finalize your research question.