Mind Control: Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19

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  • The Machinery Underlying Anxiety and How to Control It
    • This module is intended to introduce you to the nervous system underlying your anxiety response (the sympathetic nervous system) and also to its opposite side, the relaxation (or parasympathetic nervous system). You will learn that the best way to shut down anxiety is to learn how to put your body in a relaxed state. I guided relaxation audio file is also provided with the fourth video to help you practice learning to relax.
  • Managing Anxiety by Managing Your Environment
    • Another way to manage your anxiety is by being careful about what stimuli and activities you expose yourself to. Some make your more anxious, some counter anxiety. By understanding the effects these have you can choose experiences wisely.
  • Understanding and Managing the Effects of Isolation
    • Many if not most of us are not either quarantined or living in self-isolation. In this module I'll help students understand some of the psychological reactions they may have to isolation and, once again, how to manage one's emotional states to ultimately tolerate what is an unnatural way of living.
  • Summary