Migrating to Google Cloud Platform

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This training course introduces participants to migrating workloads to Google Cloud Platform. The course explains the strategies to migrate from the source environment to the cloud. Participants are introduced to Google Cloud Platform's fundamental concepts and more in depth topics, like managing virtual machines and configuring networks. In addition to learning how to use Google Cloud Platform, the participants learn how to leverage Google's workload mobility application, Migrate for Compute Engine. The training covers the installation and migration process, including special features like test clones and wave migrations. The course also covers topics related to governance, including resource hierarchy, user identities in the cloud, and Active Directory. Lastly, participants learn how to monitor and log their environment with Stackdriver, leverage the elasticity of the cloud with managed instance groups, and use a global load balancer.

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Welcome to Migrating to Google Cloud Platform

Module 1: Introduction to Cloud Migration

Module 2: Assessing the Source Environment

Module 3: GCP Fundamentals

Module 4: Virtual Machines and Networks in the Cloud

Module 5: Migrate for Compute Engine

Module 6: Governance

Module 7: Logging, monitoring and Next Steps