Microwave Theory and Techniques

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Week 1 : Introduction to Microwaves: History and Applications, Effect of Microwaves on human body
Week 2 : Microwave Transmission Modes, Waveguides, Transmission Lines
Week 3 : Smith Chart, Impedance Matching, ABCD and S-Parameters
Week 4 : Power dividers, Combiners, Couplers
Week 5 : Microwave Filters
Week 6 : Microwave Diodes and Attenuators, RF Switches, Phase Shifters
Week 7 : Microwave Transistors, Amplifiers and LNA
Week 8 : Power Amplifiers and Microwave Tubes
Week 9 : Microwave Oscillators and Mixers
Week 10:Antennas – Fundamentals, Dipole, Monopole, Arrays, Microstrip, Horn, Helical, Yagi-Uda, Log-Periodic and Reflector Antennas
Week 11 :RF MEMSand Microwave Imaging, Microwave Systems,Microwave Measurementsand Lab DemonstrationWeek 12:Software Session