Microfoundations of Macroeconomics

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Week 1: One-Period Model of the Macroeconomy: Representative Consumer and Firms, Government, Competitive Equilibrium, and Optimal Solutions.Week 2:Search and Unemployment: Theory and Practical ImplicationsWeek 3:Two-Period Model of Macroeconomy: The Dynamics of Consumption-Savings Decision and Credit Markets: Consumption Smoothing; Euler’s Condition; Implications for consumption theory in macroeconomics.Week 4:Intertemporal characteristics of taxation and role of government. Theoretical set-up of Ricardian equivalence. Credit Market Equilibrium, Ricardian Equivalence, and Burden of the Government Debt.Week 5:Credit market imperfections and role of asymmetry!Week 6:Basics of monetary economics and monetary model in intertemporal set-up. MonetaryNeutrality, Surprise models and the cases of zero lower bound and quantitative easing.Week 7:New Keynesian and New Monetarist Models; Flexible vs Sticky PricesWeek 8:Understanding Open economy using Intertemporal Framework; Exchange Rate Dynamics; Capital Controls