Microelectronics: Devices To Circuits

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Week 1:
  • Bipolar Junction Transistor; Physical Structure and Modes of operation,
  • Operation in Active Mode, circuit symbols and conventions,
  • BJT as an Amplifier, small circuit model,
  • BJT as a switch and Ebers Moll Model,
  • Simple BJT inverter and Second Order Effects.
Week 2:
  • MOS Transistor Basic,
  • MOS Parasitic & SPICE Model;
  • CMOS Inverter Basics-I
Week 3:
  • CMOS Inverter Basics(contd)
  • Power Analysis
  • SPICE Simulation-I
Week 4:
  • Biasing of MOS Amplifier and its behavior as an analog switch,
  • CMOS CS/CG/SF Amplifier Configuration,
  • Internal cap models and high frequency modelling,
  • JFET, structure and operation.
Week 5:
  • Multistage and Differential Amplifier,
  • Small Signal Operation and Differential Amplifier,
  • MOS Differential Amplier,
  • BiCMOS Amplifier with Active Load,
  • Multistage Amplifier with SPICE Simulation
Week 6:
  • s-domain analysis, transfer function, poles and zeros,
  • High Frequency Response of CS and CE Amplifier,
  • Frequency Response of CC and SF Configuration,
  • Frequency Response of the Differential Amplifier,
  • Cascode Connection and its Operation
Week 7:
  • General Feedback structure and properties of negative feedback,
  • Basic Feedback Topologies,
  • Design of Feedback Amplifier for all configuration,
  • Stability and Amplifier poles,
  • Bode Plots and Frequency Compensation
Week 8:
  • Ideal Operational Amplifier and its terminals,
  • Inverting and Non- Inverting Configuration,
  • As an integrator and Differentiator,
  • Introduction to Analog Computer,
  • Large Signal Operation of Op-Amp and Second order offsets.
Week 9:
  • Butterworth and Chebyshev Filters,
  • First and Second Order Filter Functions,
  • Switched Capacitor based filters,
  • Single-Amplifier Biquadratic Filters,
  • Second Order LCR Resonator.
Week 10: Combinational Logic Design Week 11: Sequential Logic Design Week 12: Clock Strategies for Sequential Design, Concept of Memory & its Designing-I