Microeconomics: Theory & Applications

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Microeconomics: Theory & Applications is designed as a postgraduate course that teaches economic theory involving entities such as consumers and firms and how these economic agents interact within the social institution called market. This is one of the courses that students take in their 1st semester coursework in M.S./M.A. economics program. For students registered in M.Com./M.B.A. program, Microeconomics may be the only course they take in economics, and it provides a solid foundation for economic thinking that can be useful throughout their professional careers. This particular course is designed in such a way that it will provide a foundation for applied studies in economics, business, or public policy. That’s why this course has devoted some lectures on quantitative techniques which are useful in applied work. On the successful completion of this course, you will be able to use basic microeconomic theory and quantitative techniques to provide solution to a number of real-life business and policy questions.

INTENDED AUDIENCE : Students of Economics, Commerce, or Management degree programs.PRE-REQUISITES : Knowledge of Calculus (High school level) and Microsoft Excel.INDUSTRY SUPPORT : Any industry that would like to educate their staff on basics of Economics.