Methods and Statistics in Social Science – Final Research Project

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  • About the Final Research Project
    • This section provides all the general course information. You can find info on how this very special final research project is organized, what the important deadlines are, and how the grading works.
  • Preparing for Milestone 1 - Research topic
    • In this section you will learn about the research topic in preparation of reaching your first milestone - formulating a general research hypothesis and design. Make sure you read the material well, you will be working on this research topic for the next six weeks!
  • Milestone 1 - General hypothesis and design
    • In this section you will work on Milestone 1 - formulating a general hypothesis and design.
  • Milestone 2 - Design, operationalizations and expectations
    • In this module - based on the collective general hypothesis and design - you will create a more detailed design.
  • Milestone 3 - Measurement and manipulation material
    • In this module - based on the collective detailed design - you will create instruments to measure and manipulate the variables in our study.
  • Milestone 4 - Data collection, methods documentation and analysis plan
    • In this module you will document the methods and material used to perform the study and you will create a statistical analysis plan.
  • Milestone 5 - Statistical analysis
    • In this module you will perform and document the final statistical analyses
  • Milestone 6 - Report
    • In this module you will work on the final milestone, reporting the results of your research study.
  • Putting it all together (catch-up week)
    • In this module we'll reflect on the outcome of our study and look back on the entire research process. If you're behind schedule submitting your last milestone assignments, there's still time to catch-up!
  • Reflection (catch-up week)
    • In this final module we'll reflect on this final research project course and the entire specialization. Last chance to catch-up and give us feedback!