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This course is designed to orient the teachers and teacher students about the recent trends and developments in Teaching and Learning Social Sciences. This course offers an introduction to Teaching and Learning Social Sciences, with special reference to instructional strategies, method and skills for teaching social science. The course is organized around working teachers and student-teachers in Social Science, for developing capacities to understand the theoretical framework of Instructional plan in Social Science and the ways to implement it in classrooms. The course can help the teachers and teacher students to master all the basic ideas of Teaching Social Sciences and to identify relevant psychological theories and its application in the learning of social science. The course can be taken by anybody at any level of teacher education, even by working teachers for augmenting their repository of teaching. The course content is arranged in a theory cum practical mode. This course will surely help the budding teachers as well as the working teachers to have a thorough orientation regarding the recent developments in Teaching Social Sciences including ICT Integration. This course will enable working and student teachers to have a wider outlook on the realities of classroom learning and Instruction. Once a teacher student/ teacher complete this course, he/ she can surely master in the Methodological as well as pedagogical practices of Teaching Social Sciences.