Mental Health and Adjustment

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WEEK-1 MENTAL HEALTH-I • Concept of Mental Health and Mental Hygiene • Status of Mental Health in India. • Maladjustment and its causes. • Symptoms of mal adjustment.   WEEK-2 MENTAL HEALTH-II • Conflicts • Frustration • Adjustment Mechanism • Family Life and Education   WEEK-3 HUMAN MENTAL LIFE & CREATIVITY • Functions of Human Nervous System (Psychological basis of Human mental life) • Functions of Human Endocrine system (Psychological basis of Human mental life) • Meaning, nature and characteristics of a Creative Person • Relationship between Creativity and Mental Health   WEEK-4 HUMAN PERSONALITY • Personality-Definitions, Meaning & Nature: Development of Personality • Trait Theories of Personality • Type Theories of Personality • Measurement of Personality and Different tools of Personality assessment   WEEK-5 HUMAN DEVELOPMENT • Meaning of Human Development • Areas of Human Development: Social, Emotional & Intellectual • Fundamentals of Piagetian Developmental Psychology • Functions of Education with respect to Development of Human Values (Social, moral and Aesthetic)   WEEK-6 EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY & HUMAN BEHAVIOR • Nature & Scope of Educational Psychology • Application of Educational Psychology in Teaching learning process & in understanding Individual’s Behaviour • Methods of Educational Psychology • Counseling in Educational Institutions for solving Mental Health Problems   WEEK-7 ADOLESENCE • Adolescence- Psycho-Physical Characteristics • Problems of Adolescence • Role of Education in solving problems of Adolescence • Adjustment in Adolescence   WEEK-8 EDUCATIONAL INTERVENTION • Nature & Scope of Educational Psychology and Need for Psychological Approach in Education • Sex Education • Value Oriented Education • Women Education   WEEK-9 ADJUSTMENT • Dynamics of Adjustment and Coping • Adjustment problems of Special Groups (Gifted, Creative & Delinquents) • Adjustment problems of students with Learning Disabilities • Adjustment problems of students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)   WEEK-10 STRESS • Stress & Categories of stressors • Factors predisposing an individual to stress • Concept & Importance of Stress Management • Stress Coping strategies   WEEK-11 THERAPEUTIC INTERVENTION-I • Psychotherapy • Group Psychotherapy • Psycho-drama • Play therapy   WEEK-12 THERAPEUTIC INTERVENTION-II • Psychoanalytic Method-Free Association, Transference and Dream Analysis • Environmental Therapy • Occupational Therapy • Yoga/ Meditation