Meditation: A way to achieve your goals in your life

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  • 1 Necessity of self-reflection
    • Self- reflection is the methodology of meditation for growth, happiness and human completion: (1) Why do we need self-reflection?, (2) Academic research on self-reflection, (3) Draw my life graph, and (4) Ultimate purpose of self-reflection
  • 2 Principle and practice of self-reflection
    • Learn the principle of self-reflection and practice the self–reflection through 5 subjects:
      (1) Methodology of self-reflection, (2) Practice of self-reflection through 5 essential subjects (barrier in relationships, inferiority and ego in childhood, emotion of love and hatred since childhood, worries, response to problems), and (3) My past life and my current self
  • 3 Copied world and real world
    • Recognize the copied world and real world and think of living free from the self.: (1) Principle of mind formation, (2) Human recognition observed by philosophers and neuroscientists, (3) Understanding the reasons why we cannot live my own way, and (4) Human mind and Original mind
  • 4 The methodology of mind cleansing
    • Learn and practice the methodology of mind cleansing: (1) Do you want to change yourself?, (2) Methodology of the mind cleansing, (3) Repetition of the self-reflection of the 5 essential subjects, (4) Real potential and positive mind.
  • 5 Self-reflection and the mind cleansing in ordinary life.
    • Learn and practice the methodology of self-reflection and the mind cleansing in everyday life: (1)Stress is the impetus for growth, (2) Case study on overcoming the self, (3) Health-mind relationship and brain wave changes, and (4) Meaning of self-reflection and the mind cleansing in life.
  • 6 Starting point of new life, life with wisdom and the peaceful world
    • Let’s start the peaceful life with wisdom: (1) Draw your life graph again, (2)People at school and the office practicing self-reflection continuously, (3) Meaning of self-reflection in social aspects (through reflections on communication and relationships), (4) Starting point of the peaceful life with wisdom