Media ethics & governance

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  • Theoretical building blocks of Communication Ethics
    • In this section, we discuss several ethical theories and perspectives, such as Consequentialism and Utilitarianism. These theories serve as building blocks for the rest of the course: when you understand the most important aspects of each perspective, you are able to use the various perspectives to consider ethical dilemmas from different angles.
  • Media Governance
    • In this part of the course we will discuss the developments of ideas on media governance. Media Governance refers to the entire system of rules and regulation and informal societal, ideological and economical processes that influence the behavior of our media.
      We will start with some basic models and then give an overview of the (historical) roots of modern governance models.
  • Communication Ethics in Practice
    • In this section, we put our knowledge from the previous two modules to practice. With the use of an ethical decision making scheme, you can apply your knowledge of ethical theories to come to a well-substantiated argumentation for ethical decision making. In addition, you will learn about common ethical issues for professionals in a variety of media-related fields (e.g., media entertainment, advertising, journalism, big-data, and research).
  • End of the course