Media Content Production on Multiple Platforms

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Week-11.Introduction to multiple media platforms2.Convergent media: Emerging trends
Week-23.Still images in Digital Era-Production & Distribution across different media platforms4.Photography in the Age of Internet and Videos
Week-35.Cinema in the age of digital media6.Television in the technological shift7.Social media: a game changer
Week-48.Privacy: Issues and concerns on multiple Media platforms9.Ethics of digital media: Plagiarism, copyrights, attribution
Week-510.Cross media/Transmedia storytelling11.Planning of a media production
Week-612.Script writing basics13.Scriptwriting for New Media Storytelling14. Lighting for Story telling
Week-715.Lenses16.Video Camera types and formats17.Video production with digital still cameras
Week-818.Sound design19.Radio programme Production20.Community Radio programme production
Week-921.Interactive documentary22.Integrated Newsroom production
23.Role of animation and graphics in the digital media productions

24.Introduction to Editing for Multimedia25.Editing for Multiple Screens
26.Editing and Export Format

27.Subtitling and Dubbing for multi-lingual audience28.Storytelling and the Audience in the Digital Age29. Mobile Media and Understanding the Audience


30.Emerging Broadcasting Trends31.Digital Media Content Distribution Strategies
Week-1332.User generated media content33.Web series34.Data Journalism
Week-1435.Mobile Journalism36.360-degree videos and their format and use37.Virtual Reality and new formats of framing
Week-1538.Augmented Reality and experiential media39.Mixed media & XR40.Artificial Intelligence and media