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Week 1 : Introduction to Mechatronics : Introduction, Examples of Mechatronic systems, Electric circuits and components,Semiconductor Electronics,Transistor ApplicationsWeek 2 : Sensors and transducers : Performance terminology of sensors,Displacement, Position & Proximity Sensors-I, Displacement, Position & Proximity Sensors-II, Force, Fluid pressure, Liquid flow sensors, temperature, light sensor, Acceleration and Vibration measurement, Semiconductor sensor and MEM, SAWWeek 3 : Actuators and mechanisms : Mechanical Actuation System, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Actuation System, Electrical Actuation System-I, Electrical Actuation System-II, Data Presentation system
Week 4 : Signal conditioning: Introduction to signal processing & Op-Amp, Op-Amp as signal conditioner, Analogue to Digital Converter, Digital to Analogue Converter, Artificial intelligence
Week 5 : Microprocessors and microcontrollers: Digital circuits-I, Digital circuits-II, Microprocessor Micro Controller, Programming of MicrocontrollersWeek 6 : Modeling and system response: Mechanical system model, Electrical system model,Fluid system model, Dynamic response of systems, Transfer function and frequency response.
Week 7 : Closed loop controllers: P,I, PID Controllers, Digital Controllers, Program Logic Controllers, Input/output & Communication systems, Fault findings
Week 8 : Design and mechatronics: Project using Microcontroller-Atmega 16, Myoelectrically Controlled, Robotic Arm, Robocon-Part I, Robocon-Part II, Design of a Legged Robot