Mechanics and Control of Robotic Manipulators

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Week 1:Introduction: Effector: locomotion, and manipulation. Serial and parallel manipulators. Descriptions, Transformations and homogeneous transformation matrix. Week 2:Manipulator (serial manipulator) kinematics: Kinematic parameters, different notations, Denavit-Hartenberg (DH) representation, arm matrix. Forward and inverse kinematics. Analytical and numerical solutions. Examples Week 3:Differential kinematics: Differential (velocity) kinematics, velocity propagation, forward differential kinematics and inverse differential kinematics. Week 4:Jacobian matrix and Manipulator statics: Mapping between configuration-space to operational-space. Jacobian matrix and Pseudo inverse concepts. Introduction to workspace singularities.Manipulator statics: Conservation of energy or power, the mapping between operation-space to configuration-space inputs. Examples Week 5:Manipulator dynamics: Motion dynamics: Forward and inverse dynamics. Lagrangian (Lagrange-Euler) and Newton-Euler formulations. Examples Week 6:Dynamic simulation: Dynamic modeling of robotic manipulators and computer-based numerical simulations Week 7:Trajectory generation: Path and Trajectory. Configuration (joint) space trajectory and operational (task) space trajectory generations. Week 8:Control of robotic manipulators: Joint space and task-space control schemes.

Computational exercises using Matlab/Simulink or similar tools will be part of weekly exercises.