Mechanical Measurement Systems

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This Course provides a simple understanding of the mechanical measurement systems and statistical analysis of experimental data. The course contains the generalized configuration and functional elements of measuring systems, static and dynamic characteristics of measuring instruments. The course also include the instrumentation for displacement, strain, velocity, force, toque, power, pressure, sound, flow and temperature measurement.

INTENDED AUDIENCE:Mechanical Engineering and Professionals.
PREREQUISITES: NilINDUSTRY SUPPORT: All Mechanical Engineering industries involving instrumentation.



Week-1 Basic concepts of measurement, functional elements of instruments, classification of measuring instruments, methods of correction for interfering and modifying inputs, static characteristics of measuring instruments
Week-2 Static characteristics of measuring instruments, loading effect and impedance matching, statistical analysis, Chi-square test, least square method
Week-3 Uncertainty analysis, problem solving, generalized model of a measuring system, zero and first order system, first order system- step response
Week-4 First order system- ramp response, first order system- impulse response, first order system- frequency response, second order system- step response
Week-5 Second order system- ramp response, second order system- impulse and frequency response, higher order systems, compensation, transducers
Week-6 Transducers, flow measurement, temperature measurement
Week-7 Strain gauges, piezoelectric transducers pressure measurement, force and torque measurement, displacement and acceleration measurement
Week-8 Sound measurement, thermophysical properties measurement, flow visualization, air pollution sampling and measurement, problem solving