Maths Subject Knowledge: Graphs, Functions and Solving Equations Graphically

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Enhance your knowledge of graphs and functions to teach the maths curriculum

In this course, designed as a subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) for teachers, you’ll explore the topics of graphs and functions as part of the algebra curriculum for mathematics.

Led by experienced teachers, you’ll make links between different mathematical topics and develop an understanding of how certain methods work and why they work.

Improve your subject knowledge of graphs and functions to develop your teaching approaches

You’ll watch demonstrations of teaching approaches, unpick the underlying mathematics behind graphs and build your confidence in these topics.

You’ll appreciate why linear graphs and quadratic graphs are important in representing connections between variables, and will develop a fluency in the nature of these relationships.

Discover how graphs can solve problems and understand the concept of function notation

You’ll apply the use of graphs to display specific situations, find connections and solve an extensive array of problems.

You’ll also investigate how function notation can be used to describe transformations of graphs.

This course is specifically designed for secondary school teachers and educators who are not specialised in maths, but who are wanting to learn mathematical methods and improve their understanding of the subject.

It’s particularly suitable for new teachers and those studying teaching as a profession. Primary school teachers may find this course useful to understand how the mathematics curriculum progresses further in secondary school.