Mathematical modelling and simulation of chemical engineering process

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Week 1: Introduction. Classification of different process types and modelling approaches. Constitutive relations in Fluid flow, Heat and mass transfer. Week 2:Introduction to special functions: Bessel and Legendre polynomial. Mathematical background in solving PDEs. Separation of variables, Laplace and Fourier transform. Week 3:Numerical techniques in solving PDE – Method of lines, implicit and explicit methods. Numerical stability schemes. Week 4:Perturbation methods, asymptotic analysis. Stability of dynamical systems. Week 5:Modelling of Mass transfer based transport problems. Week 6:Mass transfer with reaction problems. Modelling enzymatic and cellular reaction process. Week 7:Modelling and simulation of multistage continuous distillation process. Week 8:Multi-stage distillation process design – continued. Pinch analysis. Heat exchanger network design. Week 9:Dispersed phase modelling using population balance methods. Week 10:Dispersed phase modelling – continued. Solution of population balance equations. Week 11:Basics of Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation. Introduction to Molecular Dynamics simulations. Week 12:Response surface methodology. Artificial Neural Network Design.