Maternal Infant Young Child Nutrition

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Week 1:Science of Nutrition: Type 1 &Type 2 Nutrients.
Week 2:Types of Malnutrition, Hidden Hunger, Nutrition Profile of India.Week 3:Importance of 1st 1000 days, Essential Nutrition Action, Introduction to IYCF.Week 4:Science of Breastfeeding: Anatomy, Physiology of Breast, Importance of Breastfeeding, Breast Crawl, Colostrum.Week 5:Positioning & Latching for correct breastfeeding, Breast & nipple conditions.Week 6:Art of counseling mothers: Different real-life case scenario and Breastfeeding counseling.Week 7:Breast Feeding History & assessment;Ways to increase Breastmilk supply.Week 8:Newborn Care & Kangaroo Care, minor illness, Hygiene.
Week 9:Complementary Feedings: Guideline for Complementary Feeding and its importance.
Week 10:Nutrient-dense recipes for children.
Week 11:Maternal nutrition: Nutrition during pregnancy and pre-pregnancy.
Week 12:Lactating mother's nutrition; Assessment of Anthropometric Measurements through WHO Growth Charts.