Master Watercolor Techniques: Learn to Paint a Pink Watercolor Rose

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Painting in watercolour, for me, is all about the transparency. I love to paint watercolour paintings that are full of light and appear to bounce off the paper. I generally don't mix colours. Instead, I blend them on the paper rather than on the palette. This helps to achieve a beautiful translucency that make my paintings glow with light.

Using transparent watercolours, in this class, I'll demonstrate how I painted this beautiful pink rose.

Some of the techniques you will learn in this class:

  • How to load the brush with paint
  • Work wet on wet
  • Work wet on dry
  • Laying glazes
  • Blending colors on the paper
  • Interpreting a reference photo
  • Adding detail

You can paint along with me because I have included the line drawing of the rose and the reference photo that I took. This class is suitable for intermediate watercolour painters but beginners will also gain a lot of useful information and experience because I take you step by step, petal by petal, leaf by leaf, in real time, through the entire painting process.