Marketing research and analysis

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Week 1: Introduction to Marketing Research, Defining Research Problem, Developing, Research Approach, Research Design, Qualitative Research.
Week 2: Qualitative Research, Projective Technique, Case Study, Descriptive Research, Design, Primary & Secondary Data, Research Error, Measurement & Scaling.
Week 3: Scale Development, Questionnaire & Form Design, Causal Research, Experimental Design & Sampling.
Week 4: Sampling, Hypothesis Development, Type I & Type II Errors, Data Preparation, Hypothesis Testing.
Week 5: Hypothesis Testing, Cross Tabulation, Correlation & Regression, Factor Analysis.
Week 6: Factor Analysis, SEM & CFA, Cluster Analysis.
Week 7: Cluster Analysis, Discriminant Analysis, Researching Rural Market, International Marketing Research.
Week 8: Ethics, Report Preparation, Multi Dimentional Scaling, Conjoint Analysis.