Marketing Analytics with Meta

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  • Fundamentals of Facebook Ads Manager
    • In the first week you will be given an overview of Facebook Ads Manager. You will learn how to create an ad campaign with Facebook Ads Manager, including how to navigate the ad auction, determine your target audience, select the appropriate objective, and develop your ad creative.
  • Analyzing Campaign Results
    • This week you will learn how to navigate and customize reports in Facebook Ads Manager. You will learn how to analyze the reports and evaluate your campaign outcomes against your goals.
  • Running Facebook Experiments
    • In week 3, you’ll learn how to run Conversion Lift and Brand Lift tests on Facebook Ads Manager. You’ll learn how to evaluate the results of these tests and how these results can inform the future of your campaign.
  • Optimizing Your Marketing Mix
    • This week you will learn how to optimize your marketing by running effective A/B tests. You’ll also learn about Marketing Mix Modeling integrated with data you’ve gathered from Facebook Ads Manager and how it can be used to optimize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
  • Marketing Analytics in Action
    • In the final week, you will dig deeper into how to best assess your goals and KPIs through formulating and testing hypotheses. You’ll learn how to use test results to formulate next step recommendations for your marketing campaigns. Later in the week you’ll be given a template to create presentations for communicating your results effectively to stakeholders as well as best practice tips for conducting the presentation itself.