Manufacturing Strategy

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Week 1 :(1) Manufacturing output(2) Operations Systems(3) Operations Strategy(4) Functional strategy within context of a firm(5) Functional dominance within corporate strategyWeek 2 :(1) Concept of world class manufacturing organization(2) 6 Ps of Manufacturing(3) Skinners’ view and Hayes and Wheelwright framework of Manufacturing Strategy(4) Alternative paradigm of manufacturing strategy(5) Some generic manufacturing strategies IWeek 3 :(1) Developing a manufacturing strategy(2) Understanding markets(3) The concept of order winners and qualifiers(4) Basic Characteristics and Specific Dimensions of Order Winners and Qualifiers(5) Some specific order winners and qualifiers IWeek 4 :(1) Some specific order winners and qualifiers II(2) Some specific order winners and qualifiers III(3) Some specific order winners and qualifiers (Non operation related criteria)(4) Developing an Operations Strategy: Methodology(5) Developing an Operations StrategyWeek 5 :(1) Developing an Operations Strategy: Roth and Miller Classification(2) Enlightened View of Manufacturing(3) Manufacturing Strategy Taxonomy: Some evidences from China(4) Quality Management and Manufacturing Excellence(5) Total Quality Management and Manufacturing ExcellenceWeek 6 :(1) Deming’s approach to Quality(2) Business Excellence Awards(3) Process Choice(4) Process Choice: 3 Dimensional View(5) Product ProfilingWeek 7 :(1) Critical success factors for World Class Manufacturing(2) Value Added Engineering(3) Total Employee Involvement(4) HR theories for Operations Strategy(5) Flexible Manufacturing systemWeek 8 :(1) Concept of Focus wrt Manufacturing Strategy(2) Toyota production System I(3) Toyota production System II(4) World Class Manufacturing and India(5) Achieving World Class Status