Managing Services

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Week 1:What is Service?/Evolving Service Markets/The Service Customers/Product Service Systems/The Service Act Seamless ServiceWeek 2: Service Management Elements/Core Vs. Supplementary Services/Intangibility of Services/Response to IHIP Challenges/Process & Promotion/Process Issues in ServiceWeek 3: Challenges of Services-1/Service Uniqueness-2/Consumer in the Services Flow-1/Service Consumer Behaviour-2/Customer Co Creation of Services-1/Customer Co Creation of Services-2Week 4:Positioning the Service Offering/Important Vs. Determinant attributes/Positioning & Brand Creation/Positioning Maps/Designing & Managing Service as a Process/Balancing Demand & CapacityWeek 5 : Service Logistics & Service Channels/E-Services/Service Failure/Service & the New Media/Service Recovery/Integrating People & Process for Service LeadershipWeek 6 : Pricing Fundamentals/Pricing Fundamentals/Service Pricing/Service Pricing/Revenue Management/Revenue ManagementWeek 7 : Managing Service Productivity/Developing the Relation Focused Service Excellence/Customer as Co-creatorWeek 8 : Service Entrepreneurs/Service Professionals/Service Business Models/Service Globalization/Creating Customer focused Service Leadership