Managing Marketing in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

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Week 1: Introduction
Introducing the course, marketing theories and concepts within the context of hospitality and tourism industry.
Examining the changing hospitality and tourism environment, and discussing its impacts on and implications for the marketing of hospitality and tourism.

Week 2: Market Segmentation Analysis and Branding
Reviewing the concept, role, approaches, conduction, and future trends of market segmentation analysis in tourism industry.
Understanding brand development by knowing the brand equity and brand DNA.

Week 3: Branding and Positioning
Reviewing differentiation, segmentation, and target marketing; and understanding their applications in hospitality marketing and destination marketing.
Reviewing the relationship between service quality and human resources in marketing.

Week 4: Strategic Marketing
Analyzing the relationship between consumers, practitioners, and policy makers, how it evolves over time, and the role of strategic marketing in hospitality and tourism.

Week 5: Individual Customers and Organizational Customers
Understanding individual customers and their motivation in hospitality and tourism.
Understanding organizational customers and success factors of marketing Meeting, Incentive, Conference, and Exhibition (MICE) business.

Week 6: Integrated Marketing Communication
Discussing the role of marketing communication in hospitality and tourism, analyzing the effectiveness of different communication platforms, and examining the fast-changing landscape in digital marketing.

Week 7: Destination Experience Marketing and Management
Introducing the concept of destination marketing, discussing the key challenges in strategic marketing, describing destination experience planning in action, and illustrating successful international case studies related to destination marketing.

Week 8: Ethics and Sustainability in Marketing
Examining the relationship between corporate social responsibility and marketing, ethics in marketing, and the consideration of sustainability in marketing.