Managing Innovation

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Week 1: Introduction
  • Module Overview
  • Understanding the Concept of Innovation and its Importance
  • Types of Innovation
  • Innovation in Organization
Week 2: Lay the Foundation and Create a Challenge Book
  • Module Overview
  • Step one: Lay the Foundation
  • Create a Challenge Book
  • Let’s Discuss Step One and Two
  • The Innovation Activity
  • Conclusion
Week 3: Build Participation and Experiment with Low-cost at High -speed
  • Module Overview
  • Choosing the Right "Role Model"
  • Ways to Motivate Innovation Activity in Organization
  • Role of Catalyst in Building Participation in Innovation Process
  • How to Overcome Velocity Problem?
  • Failure Fallacy
  • Encouraging Experimentation
  • Prototyping
  • Conclusion
Week 4: Go Fast from Prototyping to Incubation and Iterate on The Business Model
  • Module Overview
  • Being a Champion
  • Iterating on Business Model
  • Design of a Pitch
  • Business Model Metaphors
  • Conclusion
Week 5: Build an Innovation Sandbox and Create a Margin of Safety
  • Module Overview
  • Ways to Enhance the Batting Average Problem
  • Sand box, Platform and Open Source Approach
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Risk Management
  • Big Bets Risks
  • Where Do We Stand?
  • Conclusion
  • Case Study Discussion