Managing for Frictionless Sales

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  • Adopting a Frictionless Sales Mindset
    • In the first week you will be introduced to the Frictionless Selling Framework and how to apply this framework so your team can spend more time selling and be aligned with your target buyer. You’ll also learn how to transform your sales team by giving them consistent opportunities to learn and improve.
  • Establishing a Sales Process
    • This week you will examine the Jobs Theory and how it can be used to help you target the right buyers for the product you are selling. You’ll also dive deeper into the buyer’s journey and how this will shape your sales process.
  • Coaching and Growing a Sales Team
    • In the third week you will focus on the importance of an effective sales training program in reaching your sales goals. You’ll also learn various coaching techniques to help your sales team members become even more successful.
  • Hiring and Onboarding Sales Reps
    • In the final week you will learn how to develop a strategy for hiring the best sales representatives and how to create an onboarding process that will ensure their success. You’ll finish out the course with some helpful tips for searching, applying, and interviewing for your next role.