Managing Company Culture Whilst Responding to Environmental Challenges

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Explore the effects of internal and external factors on company culture

This short course offers junior and middle managers and entrepreneurs the chance to learn how to influence, protect, and promote a good company culture by using analytical tools and frameworks, leveraging strategic planning tools, and mapping environmental uncertainty.

Upskill in organisational culture theory

Company culture not only shapes the way things are done in an organisation, but also the cultural dynamics of a company.

On this course, you’ll explore what organisational culture is and have the chance to learn how to use strategic planning models to better understand how a strong organisational culture is created.

Discover Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theory and the 4 types of organisational culture

You’ll be introduced to the four key types of organisational culture, and explore how to analyse them.

You’ll also explore Hofstede’s five dimensions of culture and consider the company leader’s role in positively influencing company culture.

Consider how environmental uncertainty affects organisations

There are many different external and internal environmental factors which can influence organisational culture.

After comparing the internal with the external environmental factors, you’ll explore how to identify impactful micro and macro environmental factors and how to map this uncertainty.

Learn how to do a SWOT analysis and PESTEL analysis

The final steps of the course will introduce you to both the SWOT and PESTEL analysis technique.

The SWOT analysis for identifying an organisation’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and the PESTEL analysis for identifying and mapping the effects of external factors on a company’s culture.

This course is designed primarily for junior and middle managers and entrepreneurs, and aims to equip them, upon successful completion, with practical business management skills and knowledge surrounding organisational culture theory.

No specific software required.